What is TPO Roofing?

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is a single-ply roofing membrane that is one of the fastest-growing commercial roofing systems for flat roof comercial buildings.

TPO roofing is an affordable commercial roofing system.  Made from  recycled rubber.  TPO is sold in rolls that are fused together with heat. If you’ve seen a white rubber roof it is likely TPO.

Here are just a few benifits of TPO Roofing

  • Cost and Flexibility  – TPO roofing compares to PVC roofing in terms of benefits, such as energy efficiency and being heat weldable but is more affordable. TPO roofing can be installed on both residential and commercial properties.  Color options include white, black and light gray.
  • Class A Fire-Rated – TPO membranes can achieve Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Class A fire resistance listings by adding fire retardant chemicals during manufacturing. Protect your building with TPO.
  • Saves cooling cost – Although you can get TPO roofing in grey, tan and black, most TPO roofs are  white and highly reflective surpassing the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR requirements. During summer weather, air conditioning costs are significantly reduced. Note: TPO roofs are manufactured to be UV resistant no matter what color is opted.
  • Maintenance – Expect your new TPO roof to last 15-20 years and up to 30 years if properly installed and maintained.  Because TPO is flexable and allow for settling and shifting of your building,  punctures and tears, and the accumulation of dirt are practically non-existent. Since algae, mold growth, and mildew is an unlikely possibility with TPO roofs, there is no need for regular pressure washing.
  • Repairs – Minor tears can be easily and affordably repaired if caught early. Have your roof inspected to determine if repairs are needed and call us right away if your roof is leakng.

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