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Beautify your Property With Pavers

Enhance your living space and boost your property’s value affordably by upgrading with pavers for your patios and walkways. We specialize in designing and building outdoor features such as patios, walkways, steps, decks, and various exterior block and cement work, using top-quality materials like Techo-Bloc. Let us elevate your property’s aesthetic and functionality today.

Improve Home Value

Add Safety

Increase living Space

Patios , Pavers, Decks & hardscape

Waze Development offers a range of services and customization options, allowing homeowners to create a unique and personalized outdoor living space that perfectly suits their needs and preferences. Some of the benefits of upgrading your outdoor space include:

  • Increased outdoor living space: A patio or deck from Waze Development provides additional living space for homeowners, allowing them to enjoy the beauty of their outdoor environment.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal: Hardscape and fence installations from Waze Development can dramatically improve the look and feel of a home, adding an attractive, eye-catching focal point to the property.
  • Increased property value: Adding a patio, hardscape or fence can increase the overall value of a home, making it a wise investment for homeowners.
  • Low maintenance: Hardscapes are made from materials that are durable and low maintenance, meaning they will require little upkeep over the years.
  • Increased privacy: A fence or wall installation can provide much-needed privacy for homeowners, allowing them to enjoy their outdoor space without worrying about prying eyes.
  • Improved safety: A well-designed patio, hardscape or fence installation can improve the safety of a property, providing a secure and stable surface for children to play and adults to relax.

We install all types of hardscape products including Techo-Bloc landscaping materials.

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We install Techo—Bloc Landscaping Pavers

Whole House Renovation

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Siding and Exterior Work

In addition to making your home look beautiful, new siding provides insulation and protection for your home, keeping out pests and moisture as well. Here are some R values Stucco: .40Fiber cement: 0.37Brick veneer: 0.44Stone veneer: 0.11Basic siding made from...

Stone Patio, Walkway, Retaining Wall

Adding a stone patio your landscaping adds both functionality and beauty to your home. Waze Development is your first choice for exterior projects such as a stone patio, walkway, and retainging walls. We do hardscape right. What is Hardscape? Hardscape, are the...

New deck and steps

Benifits of a New Deck Safety - A well constructed deck and steps using modern pressure treated and composit materials such as TREX brand decking, provides your home with safe and reliable entry. With a roof offerhead,  you also get shelter from sun and rain. A pourch...

Harvard Square Deck

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Rooftop Deck – Cambridge

Waze constructed this beautiful rooftop deck in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Waltham Deck

Waze is in the process of re-building this deck.

Everett Backyard

Outdoor Spaces – Waze transformed this Everett backyard with a new deck, fence and plantings. Check out this post to see the transformation.

The Waze Development LLC team was quick and thorough and most importantly well skilled and knowledgeable about fence installation and repair. I will definitely be a repeat customer, this was the best contracted service I have had since I have been a homeowner. Also they’re responsive and ready to resolve issues or answer questions. Thank you so much for the superb service. settings.


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