Do you need a Chimmney Repair?

  • A chimmney in bad condition can cause carbon minoxide to enter your hime. Carbon monoxide and other gases will  cause illness and even death.
  • Broken chimney caps may allow animals to enter your home or flames to lick your roof which is a fire hazard.
  • Your chimney allows for air circulation that lets fires in your firelpace burn more readily. Therefore, a worn or damaged chimney may cause, your wood stove, or fireplace to burn poorly.
  • If your chimmney needs re-pointing bricks could become disloged and break off. Falling bicks could therefore damage your home and harm people nearby.

Should I remove my chimmney?

The chimney exists to vent harmful waste gases from a fireplace or older furnace, outside.  In many homes modern heating systems do not require rooftop venting.

If you have a chimmney that is not being used, it may be possible to remove it rather than maintaing it. Removal may be more cost effective and visually pleasing which will increase your home’s value.

Older Home with Central Chimmeny?

Do you have an older home with a chimmney in the middle of the home? Make sure you have a proper liner and that it is inspected before you light a fire in your fireplace. Gaps in the brick can allow sparks to pass into your wall and start a fire.

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