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Is it time to Remodel??

Is your bathroom or kitchen looking dated? We would love to help you.

We design and build bathrooms – from efficient apartments to luxury home spas.

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Free estimate and design consultation for kitchen and bath remodeling 

Is it time to renovate your kitchen or bath?

We’d love to remodel your home

Waze Development has extensive expertise in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We can remodel your tired kitchen or bathroom and make it clean, efficient and beautiful. We’ll handle every aspect of your renovation project from design, planning and permitting to finished project.

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Why Renovate A kitchen or bath?

The bathroom, laundry and kitchen are rooms most used in an apartment or home. They can also become outdated and suffer from wear and tear.

Reasons to consider a bathroom or kitchen remodel

Fix Plumbing Issues

  • Leaky faucet? Leaking drain? Not only does it effect your water bill, leaks can cause the floor or walls to rot of develop dangerous mould.
  • Your older tub or shower may have separate hot and cold faucets instead of a mixer valve. These can be lead to scalding of sensitive skin.
  • Slow drains can cause bacteria build up which is unhealthy.
  • A bathroom or kitchen remodel will address all your plumbing issues.
  • Consider including your laundry renovation at the same time.

Add Value to Your Home

  • A renovated bathroom or kitchen adds value to your home. A potential buyer will be attracted to a nicely renovated bath or kitchen or may be put off by one that looks dated or unsafe.
  • Replace the pink wall mounted sink with a nice vanity.
  • Yes bathroom and kitchen remodels are expensive, but we can help you finance it.

Add Safety

  • A bathroom or kitchen remodel enables you to install safety features such as a walk-in shower, slip-resistant flooring, better lighting and grab bars. This makes your home safer for everyone.
  • If your bathroom outlet isn’t a ground-fault outlet you should have that fixed right away. Our electricians follow all proper codes and have their work carefully inspected for your safety.
  • We won’t forget to add proper task lighting with safety in mind, so that you can prep your meals as well as take care of your daily grooming.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

  • Kitchen appliances from the 1950’s were solid but not very efficient.
  • Water saving fixtures, radiant floor heating, efficient water heaters, new Anderson windows, Energy Star appliances and new exhaust fans all help increase your comfort and reduce your carbon footprint.

Making a Your Bath or Kitchen More Functional

  • Having kids? You’ll want a bathtub. Small children need a bathtub until a shower is sufficient as they get older.
  • If you are getting older a walk in shower may be easier than climbing into a tub.
  • Maybe you need more counter space, storage or a dishwasher in your kitchen.
  • Entertaining? how about a nice kitchen island? Maybe you just want to add a powder room so guests don’t need to use your main bath.
  • Add storage and counter space to your laundry as well which will make it easier to use and cleaner.

Need to Relax?

  • Tension? A remodeled bathroom with a nice soaking tub, soft lighting and maybe a built in music  system will allow you to relax.

Renovating your kitchen, bath, or laundry can ad beauty, function, safety and value to your home. Contact us today. We’re happy to help.

Stoneham Kitchen remodel
Waze designed built this bathroom in cambridge
LAUNDRY Remodel by WAZE Development
Bathroom remodel by Waze Development
South Boston Kitchen remodel by Waze Development

“I highly recommend Waze Development for their exceptional kitchen floor replacement service. As a satisfied customer from Billerica, Massachusetts, I was impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, and timely completion of the project. Thank you, Waze Development, for a job well done!”

John, Billerica MA

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We hired Waze Development to remodel our Back Bay bathroom and kitchen. We were very impressed and we would recommend them highly. They care very much about the quality of their work and they were very flexible…


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oh Nooooo! Trying to dIY?

Don’t do it! Kitchens and Bathrooms are especially complicated and require permitting in most cases. Hire a licenced and insured contractor with experience. Your time is valuable and your home is valuable.

Waze Development has been offering  customers superior kitchen  and bathroom remodeling services for many years. We recognize that upgrading a kitchen or bath is a substantial investment. We’ll design and build an attractive and practical kitchen or bath that is customized to match your specific needs.

Let us design and build your kitchen and keep you out of hot water.

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Free estimate and design consultation for kitchen and bath renovation 

We are ready to renovate

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WAZE Development is ready to design and buld your kitchen, bathroom or any other home project. We’re a full-service licenced and insured general contractor.

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