Taghi Shaw

Taghi Shaw has over 10 years experience in Mortgage/Finance industry.  He started flipping houses in 2006 and found that this was his true passion.  He is a licensed contractor/designer. He has built a strong network of highly skilled artisans that are masters in their craft. Problem-solving and working with deadlines have become the top strengths that he has refined with each project. With impeccable communication skills and a keen understanding of all aspects of what needs to be accomplished with every project, his attention to detail and responsiveness to his client’s needs are what sets him apart.

Tom Lam

Over 10 years of experience in finance and project management Tom Lam, makes every project his priority. He works with lenders to help finance your next dream kitchen. Project management is the key factor in his successful approach.

Mani Zahed

Mani has over ten years of experience with property management, social media, and marketing. He helps with the daily operations of managing over 100 units statewide, meeting the needs of our tenant and landlord each day. His expertise in the field helps our landlord with finding and securing the best tenant for each property. He also has a strong background in social media and marketing, pushing our ability to guarantee to find a tenant faster than most management companies.